Friday, June 24, 2011


Butt below knees

I am so happy to see more slinging moms and dads (even if they're on photos only -- I hardly see any at the mall!) now, whether or not they use our product. To me, wearing your baby in the right way, with the right carrier, is a wonderful opportunity to bond with them.

I have received so many pictures of parents wearing their babies and am happy to see them. A lot of them do say as well, that they're not fully hands free. And from the pictures, I realize why.
So I thought it important to share with all of you how to wear your baby correctly, to allow you to be hands free. So, aside from --
  • adjusting the sling to make it snug (this is obvious, I hope!)
  • use the shoulder cap properly to cover entire shoulder (so the sling won't creep up your neck)
  • baby's butt should be waist level so your upper body takes the weight
You should also remember this one super duper important tip: BUTT BELOW KNEES. 

Please take a look at the picture below. JC's butt is below his knees so that (dad) Jouie can be hands free. And believe me, this is works and is not just for pictures only.

Try it! And send me your pictures at info[at]

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